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Stupider by the Minute

The Wild Swans
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1. swan_mart is a cruelty-free community.

vagina dentata is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

3. Listen to Sheryl Crow and be happy.
a guy thing, abortion clinic punch-cards, alcohol-fueled robots, anything that moves, back-alley vasectomies, bad taste, buffy, chastity frustration, cheap puns, clockwork drag queen, dolly-parton-is-my-spirit-guide, domestic violence chic, dot's, double-entendres, eugenics, euphemisms, fist of pure emotion, fisticuffs, fisting, fisting conventions and seminars, fisting demos, fisting manuals, fistulas, gallows humor, getting our hate on, hate-ins, having slut moments, heroin chic, john waters, law & order, law & order: tru, margaret cho, my-beak-lusts-for-human-female, narcissism, nerf ball enormoboobs, no-dick-for-me-thank-you, octopi gone wild, ouroboros, rape rape revolution, schadenfreude, shooting fish in barrels, space punch, suicide helplines, swan island, talking shit, tentacle rape, the hate, the marathon taverna, the republic, the space room, the swan, the swan mart, the wild swans, time for crime, vacuum cleaner masturbots, vagina dentata, when shih 'tzus attack, without a paddle